Our staircases are produced using only the best possible hardwoods: French Oak, Beech and European Ash. Standard thickness for the treads and stringers is 42 mm. This wood is processed in our ultra-modern facility where we combine the latest CNC technology, to produce the various sections, and handcraft to assemble the staircases.

The whole process is quality monitored including a humidifying system to maintain the perfect hygrothermal conditions on the factory floor. All this results in products with the highest possible durability.

Nature in our heart

GRÜN sources 100% PEFC and FSC certified wood only. We minimise waste by using laser technology (Darth Vader has already tried once to steal one…) to project the staircase shape onto the raw wood. All offcuts are shredded by our own resident Jaws…this ‘beast’ makes the wood chips that we need to make the mechanically pressed pellets that we use to heat the factory. We have our own power station… Solar panels with a size that would even impress Elon Musk.

Our waste water goes into two large bio tanks where this is filtered so that it can be used again. All other waste is kept to a minimum, sorted in all their separate containers and collected weekly by a specialist company.


Our whole team is passionate about staircases and use their passion to produce the best quality possible.

Ardour is what drives us to serve you in the best possible way. This passion stems from the desire to create the best value for money time and time again.

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